Why would you book on timeplazza?

Do you feel like having a relaxing moment or maybe that someon will pamper you? Or maybe, you have a more active need such as fitness, pilates or yoga? Are you simply curious about new activities? 

You wonder where you can find those moments where you live intensely, where you learn and enjoy? And you wonder how to book them.  

timeplazza.com makes this possible!

It is so easy to use that you wonder why you didn't use it before!

And if by any chance, your favorite therapist, spa, salon or hairdresser is not on the platform, now is the time to tell him to join and make it easy for everyone to book the next appointment.

Here are practical reasons on why you should book on timeplazza:

1. A reliable, immediate and complete view on what's available at a definite time.

Massages, yoga, tai chi, beautycare, bodycare, therapy, relaxation, meditation, creative workshops etc. See what's available, find it, book it, love it! 


2. Easy booking, anytime

We're talking about internet, available 24/7 so you are not dependant on the provider's schedule anymore. Visit anytime, book anytime. Book confidently. If questions arise, you will be able to call each other easily after the booking.


3. Yield management

Providers will give you the best price according to the date or time. Sometimes, they can make a promotion for a week, other times, they will make it for certain hours of the day. There will be options for you to favor price or convenience.


4. Other users' opinions

We have integrated a quality process that is threefold: charter of quality as a provider registers, use of outside quality badges and user ratings. User ratings can only be done after a booking which guarantees a high quality rating system.

Don't wait any longer!Join us to enjoy our services! Or would you prefer to make a search first