Next to the providers, you may see some badges that are added to help you to choose your service. The current badges are certifications of quality.

More details about the current badges on timeplazza:

Badges Description
Wellness Paladins Certified Partner

The Wellness Paladins certification guarantees that they know the wellness professional (practitioner or center), that they've worked with her/him and that she/he works in a professional way and respect an appropriate code of conduct. They have signed the following charter of quality (timeplazza has a similar one):

Provide customers with a quality service:
  • Listen carefully to the customer's needs.
  • Dress up in a clean and appropraite manner.
  • Respect the client's right to secrecy.
  • Respect the client both physically and psychically.
  • Follow an ethical code of conduct which among other things respect the sexual integrity of the client.
  • Work conscientiously and respect each person's comfort zone and rythm.
  • Do not pretend to be qualified in areas where she/he didn't get proper training/qualification.

• Have a professional behavior towards timeplazza and its visitors. Here is what it means:
  • Make clear and specific offers.
  • Comply with schedules and agreements.
  • Warn your client ahead of any change in your schedule.
  • Comply with the agreed duration of the service.
  • Keep your details up to date and warn timeplazza if you move or cease your activities.
  • Provide what is necessary for the comfort of the client.
  • Always try to improve your work and professional attitude.

Be honest with yourself : your impact on your customers will depend on your professionalism and more generally on your attitude. Always be positive and enthusiastic. If you have a bad day, it is probably better to cancel your appointments that day.

Réseau Biloba

Each member of the Biloba network has approved the following charter of ethics and quality:

Towards the client :
  • All therapists have received a degree and they pursue their education. 
  • Their qualifications are verified by the Biloba Network. 
  • The massage rooms are always clean.
  • The massage rooms are checked by the Biloba Network.
  • Linen is changed for each client.
  • Products in use are hypoallergenic (massage oils...).
  • Tarifs are uniformised at a minimum rate of 50€/h (or 25€ for 30 minutes), but the services can have a higher price tag.
  • The client is always at the center of his attention.
  • If the therapist doesn't feel qualified for a request, he will direct the client towards another professional who could help her/him. 
  • No mental manipulation or sexual request will be done by the therapist.
  • All the Biloba members are insured. 
Towards the therapist :

  • No mental manipulation or sexual request will be accepted from the client.
  • The therapist is free to accept (or decline) an appointment.
  • The therapist is free to prevent someone to enter his practice if she/he deems that this person might be a danger to her/him or his place.
  • The client must have a decent hygiene.
  • The payment will be done at the request of the therapist.